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Our procedure is simple to follow, equitable, and flexible to fit your schedule. T.M prestige is here to guarantee a fast and simple transaction!

We Make The House Selling Process Easy

How much cash we offer for your house is obviously a big question you’d like answered. Here on this page, we will explain the entire process, how we buy houses in cash, first through a quick overview, then followed by a more detailed actual breakdown of an offer we have recently made a homeowner just like you.


How Do I Sell My House Fast In Pennsylvania?

Our Home-Buying Process Is Simple As You Can See Below.

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Once we receive your information, we figure out how much your house would be worth on the current market if it were freshly completely renovated, everything brand new, all fixed up, clean, updated, and beautiful.

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Schedule Your Appointment

During the appointment, we figure out how much it would cost us to fix it all up. We now know how much money we would sell it for, and how much it cost us to sell it. Basically, (there is a bit more involved) based on these numbers we present you an offer that is fair.



Pick A Closing Date

If you like the offer, fantastic, we can close on your schedule. You get the cash; we get the deed, and everyone is happy!

It is THAT Simple

They were great! – Why? – Because the deal was smooth, fair, and went through with complete “consideration” of my needs as the seller of the property. I have already recommended to other interested property owners in the area to give them a call.

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The Offer:

Our offers are based on the After Repaired Value of your house. This way we can make the highest fair offers for your house where we can walk away with our profits, and you with the cash you need.

Here is a breakdown of how the offer is generated.

[Your Offer] = [After Repair Value] – [Cost Of Repairs] – [Our Selling Costs] – [Our Minimum Profit]

Selling Your PA Home Can Be a Quick & Easy Process

TM prestige REI LLC purchases homes in and around (as well as other regions!). We are the ones who are purchasing your house; we are not listing it. We can close swiftly (or according to your timetable) because we are buying your house straight from you and we pay cash.

Unlike listing your home with a traditional agent, there are no fees or commissions when you engage with us. You never have to be concerned about paying additional fees to sell your house quickly or even about making your home “market-ready” for sale. As-is, we would want to purchase your home.

We buy houses in any condition, no matter how lovely or awful they are or where they are located.

We also buy it with liens and / or code violations – so you no longer have to worry about dealing with the city or county or having concerns about losing the property at the tax auction sale. We will deal with all of that after I close on the property.


We will purchase your house exactly as it is, so you won’t need to bother about making any repairs or displaying it for potential buyers. Following our acquisition of your house, we’ll take care of all repairs, inspections, and more. Naturally, we take this into account when making our offer, but it also relieves you the expense and hassle of presenting your house for sale.


“All-cash” refers to paying cash for your house, exactly! like direct buyers of your property, we are not dependent on conventional finance like retail homebuyers are. Instead, we are real estate investors. There is no chance that the financing will collapse or that the closing will be postponed when you sell to us. The entire amount we offer you at closing is what we’ll give you.


In as little as 24 hours after you provide us with details on your house, we can make you a reasonable, all-cash offer with no strings attached. We close at a respectable, neighborhood title firm in as little as seven days after you accept. The advantages are clear when you contrast that with the thirty or more days it may take to close when listing your home in a standard way.


At TM Prestige REI LLC We work according to your schedule. We will arrange for the closure to take place on the most convenient day for you if you don’t require a quick closing because you need to make!

Will I get a lowball offer?

Making the most equitable deal for you is our top priority. We are open about our approach for determining an offer overall, unlike other purchasers or major IT companies. Our offer is contingent upon the potential value of the property following our completion of the required repairs and enhancements. We would be pleased to take you through the steps of this offer procedure as we are very upfront about it..

As little as seven days, from offer to closing and cash in your pocket.

You can quickly get rid of the hassle of that property and avoid having to pay another mortgage payment, tax, insurance, utility, or other expense related to owning a home. If you list your home and it takes longer than ninety-nine days to close, you must make arrangements for all of the holding expenses while the property is listed and pending closing.

Yes, it is! An increasing number of homeowners are investigating their alternatives in order to sell their home in the quickest, most straightforward, and transparent manner as the real estate market is changing quickly. Here’s where we get involved. For homeowners who might not have the time or means to put their house up for sale and get top dollar, we provide an option. Together, we’ll evaluate the circumstances, present you with an upfront all-cash offer, and close on the date that works best for you.

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Don't Stress The Repairs


You shouldn’t stress over maintaining your home or making repairs for potential buyers

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